Walls Worth Refinishing

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Many times people want their tile walls refinished because they are simply dirty. The thing with this is that we need to fully clean them in order to refinish them, and often by the time we’ve fully cleaned them, they look just fine. This is often something the home owner can do themselves. However, some tile greatly benefits from being refinished. This is often matte finish tile that is difficult to keep clean, tile that is of an undesirable color, or tile that is worn by years of cleaning with chemicals or abrasives. We did a tub and tile job last week that was an ideal candidate for refinishing. The matte finish tile was badly worn in spots, did not have a uniform look, and had a stripe down the middle of different color tile that the homeowner didn’t like. We refinished the tub and tile in our standard white, and it greatly improved the look of the fixture and the bathroom.


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