No-Hook Shower Curtains

Our no-hook shower curtains are the perfect compliment to a refinished tub and “The Arc” curved shower bar. Its rare that such a small investment can make such a big difference in the way your bathroom looks, and your enjoyment of your fixture.

Speaking of enjoyment, nobody likes cleaning shower curtains. Face it, if removing and rehanging shower curtains was easy, why would anyone procrastinate and wait until out of sheer embarrassment they have to replace it? Our no-hook curtains come on and off in 10 seconds, and the fabric curtains are machine washable. Procrastinate no more!

These fantastically designed curtains have the following features:

  1. Available in either fabric or vinyl. Polyester fabric curtains look and feel better in our opinion and are easily machine washable. They come treated with a water repellent coating. Vinyl is perhaps better for high-use bathtubs, or for those taking showers exceeding 15 minutes on a continual basis. Vinyl curtains have a built in anti-microbial treating.
  2. Installs in 10 minutes with one hand! No more fumbling around with shower hooks. No more procrastinating on washing your shower curtain because it takes so long to take down and put back up. This curtain practically hangs itself.
  3. No more torn curtains or broken rings! The heavy-duty rings are built into the curtain, and are built to last.
  4. Built in magnets secure the curtain to your shower tub. No more leaking water!
  5. Models available with mesh window (fabric curtains) or clear vinyl window (vinyl curtains). These windows allow more light into your bathtub without letting any water out!


  1. Litchfield (Fabric, White, no Window) – $35
  2. Mystery (Fabric, Beige, Window) – $45
  3. Mystery (Fabric, Brown, Window) – $40
  4. Vision (Vinyl, White, Window) – $30