Curved Shower Rod

Used in top luxury hotels world wide, The Arc shower bar is the best curved shower bar on the market. It creates 8 inches of extra on-demand elbow-room, and up to 30% more space in the shower. When not in use, you can simply slide your shower curtain to the side, and no space is wasted inside your bathroom.

The Arc is a design statement with its flat brushed aluminum finish and minimalistic yet functional construction. If you are selling or renting a home, it is something that prospective buyers/renters will notice immediately and will pay for itself many times over.

It will work with all types of shower curtains, hooks, and liners. For an incredible match, check out our line of No-Hook shower curtains, which we also carry, and complement The Arc’s graceful styling.


The Arc (Including Basic (wood or drywall) Installation) – $199

The Arc (Tile Installation) – $249

(To determine if you need tile installation, measure 77 inches from the floor. If that area is clear of tile, it will be a basic installation)

Apply a $100 discount if we install The Arc at the same time as we refinish your bathtub — $99

Wall cover plates (Including Installation) – $29

Wall cover plates cover holes in your walls from your existing shower rod. If you have a compression rod (no screws), you probably do not need this. This is also not necessary if we will be refinishing your walls. These custom designed wall plates are specifically designed to complement the look, design and finish of The Arc.