Care Instructions


Thank you for choosing Oahu Tub Experts for your bathtub refinishing needs.  In order to care for the new finish, please carefully read the below instructions. Doing so will help ensure that your finish will continue to look great, and last a long time.
Your tub has a highly durable enamel coating. However, like all composites, it can be scratched, and fine scratches will not only dull the surface, but will leave pores for dirt, grime, and hard water to accumulate. The best way to care for this new surface is to treat it similar to how you would treat the paint on a new car.
For the first 30 days, the coating is still curing. During this time:

  1. Use a shower curtain WITHOUT any printing on it. Cloth washable shower curtains are the best
  2. Wipe down tub after use (recommended you do this permanently if you want to maintain shine)
  3. Avoid soaps and cleaners with medium to strong dyes. After 30 days, you can use soaps/cleaners that have a mild color. However, heavy dyed products should never be used.
  4. Don’t let any chemical stronger than clear dish soap touch tub
  5. DO NOT pick at any fine dust particles or imperfections that may be present in the surface. These are unavoidable and most will disappear on their own through regular cleaning.


  1. (Recommended) Wipe down tub and walls after use. Doing this will avoid buildup of minerals and contaminants. Plus you will hardly ever have to clean your tub if you do this. We recommend using our recommended squeegee first, to get the bulk of the water down the drain, then a microfiber towel to wipe the rest.
  2. (Recommended) Don’t use bar soap. Clear liquid soap only. This helps avoids soap scum.
  3. Do not use bathmats
  4. If you use drain cleaner, make sure it doesn’t come in contact with finish.
  5. Don’t keep bottles or other products on tub surface. Finish must dry between uses.
  6. Do not stick anything to finish including tape, adhesives, suction cups, etc.
  7. Fix drippy faucets
  8. Don’t use strong chemicals to clean surface. If you don’t want it touching your skin, its too harsh.
  9. Don’t drop anything on the tub. Warranty does not cover chips. If you have a corded shower wand, make sure it can not touch tub if dropped.
  10. If you have heavier buildup, and need to scrub it off, please refer to the section which follows


Let’s face it. Most people aren’t used to properly taking care of their tub. The area where you bathe is the heaviest used part of your house. If you want to keep it looking nice, we strongly recommend following the care instructions outlined above. However, if you find you’ve lapsed, it may be possible to restore the shine. This depends on how long its been since the finish was clean and shinny. Oahu has bad hard water. Minerals allowed to dry on the finish build up thicker and thicker, and act as magnets joining with other contaminants, that when combined, make your tub or shower look dirty. Over time, and as little as two months, it may be nearly impossible to remove these contaminants by hand.
If you do need to scrub your tub, the safest way is by using these products:

  1. Light Duty Scouring Pad
  2. Gel Gloss

Amazon may not ship Gel Gloss to Hawaii. If not, City Mill has it. Cut pad into thirds. Apply a bit of Gel Gloss to the pad and scrub without applying excessive pressure. As the pad is a mild abrasive, we do not recommend using this method with great frequency. It is preferable to maintain the tub correctly than to resort to excessive scrubbing. However, if necessary, this is how you should clean heavier build up. Note that Gel Gloss does make the tub slippery so thoroughly wipe bottom of tub clean before using and exercise care when using the tub. Gel Gloss can also be applied with a microfiber cloth which is a lot less aggressive than using the light duty scouring pad.