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Sellers’ Case Study 2

Refinishing is fantastic service for sellers. It provides the seller an economical way to completely update a bathroom without the huge mess and cost of replacement. It provides a way for the seller to recoup the money spent, faster time-to-market, and typically helps generate more interest and more competing offers. In this case study, a seller had modestly updated a two bedroom apartment but didn’t want to rip out the tile in the two bathrooms. This building was constructed in the 1960s, and the tile and tile work was heads and shoulders above anything that would be done today at a reasonable price.

The first bathroom consisted of a large “soaking” tile shower, and tile floor. The master bathroom had a cast iron bathtub, tile shower surround and tile floor. The tile, although very high quality with no chips and no failing grout was yellow in color and didn’t match the owner’s other renovations. We coated everything, including the floor, with our commercial product, in standard white.

The end result looked very nice with a cost approximately 10% of replacement.