Tile Cleaning & Restoration Service

Oahu Tub is the island’s leader in porcelain and ceramic tile cleaning and restoration. Many of our customers incorrectly assume that the only way they can get their tile looking presentable is either through replacement or reglazing. Because bathroom tile is typically on a vertical surface, it actually gets minimal wear. Usually ugly, dirty or stained tile is the result of years of neglect along with build up of mineral deposits from Hawaii’s mineral-rich water. Once mineral deposits have been allowed to attach to the tile, they act as a magnet, and the cycle of buildup accelerates and removal becomes exponentially more difficult, especially without permanently damaging the tile’s original sheen.

As long as there has not been prolonged use of harsh chemicals or abrasive techniques, we can safely remove contaminants such as mineral deposits, soap scum, and oils. Oahu Tub uses a proprietary process that begins with vaporizing non-mineral deposits using high pressure steam. Mineral deposits are then polished off the tile’s surface using a special micro abrasive agent that specifically targets crystallized contaminants without damaging the original substrate.

Typically, when we restore tile, we also restore the surrounding grout using a high pressure steamer along with a special enzyme cleaner. Finally, we apply a protective sealant over both the tile and grout.

The advantages of restoring versus refinishing tile is preservation of the original surface. Tile is a far harder and more durable material than any kind of composite, including all bathtub refinishing coatings, fiberglass, plastics, etc. Therefore, if tile is undamaged and its original color is satisfactory to the owner, we prefer restoration to reglazing because in the long run it will last longer.

Oahu Tub is Hawaii’s quality and price leader for tile and grout restoration and cleaning. For a free estimate call:

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