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Oahu Tub Experts is the only bathtub refinishing company that specializes in helping investors, realtors and sellers get the best yield on their investment dollars, with less headache and faster time-to-market.

Sellers are typically concerned with one thing: cost and speed. They want to know the minimum amount they have to spend to maximize their selling price and often they want to know how fast we can do it. We deliver in both areas. We perform quality work at a low price and can often have it done within 48 hours of your call.

Ugly bathtubs might be deal killers by themselves. While surprisingly few people know you can refinish a bathtub, everyone knows it costs thousands to replace a bathtub. On average, it costs only 15% of the cost of replacement to refinish. For sellers, we recommend a basic refinish, along with new hardware (drain, overflow cover, spigot, and knobs).

A high percentage of the work we get is actually for buyers who purchased a home with a shoddy refinishing job. Sellers often go with the cheapest refinishing company, which is not the smart thing to do, because if the job fails soon after the transfer of the property, the seller could be on the hook for getting it fixed at their expense. Knowing that the person who paid them usually won’t be using the bathtub, many refinishers get lazy and skip important steps to save time.

Unfortunately it takes us far longer to fix a problem than the amount of time the original refinisher saved by “cheating”. This is why you can not price shop bathtub refinishing. We’ve been brought in by buyers to fix a bad refinishing job, and the seller often has to pay, or sometimes, it is split between the buyer and the seller. Either way, if you are a seller, you want to make sure your refinishing is done correctly by a reputable company that does things right, and stands behind their work. You don’t want to pay twice for the same job.

We will never sell you what you don’t need and we will put your interests first. During our inspection, we will also make suggestions on other low-cost things you can do yourself, usually in conjunction with a trip to Home Depot or a plumbing supply store, to get more money for your property.