Slip And Fall Prevention


Bathtubs, ceramic tile and stone flooring surfaces when even slightly wet become slippery, increasing slip and fall potential, and can cause disabling or even fatal injury. Protect yourself or your organization against this risk by reduce slipperiness and increase traction with our slip resistant solutions.

We have three options available:

  • Slip-Resistant texture built into a reglazed finish – Appropriate only if you are having your bathtub refinished
  • Invisible microscopic slip-resistant treatment – Perfect for porcelain bathtubs and tile. The process works on porcelain, ceramic, concrete and natural stone and will not change the appearance or texture of the material
  • Clear Skid Guard – This is a crystal clear glossy coating that adds a mild texture to composite surfaces such as fiberglass and previously refinished tubs


If you are having your tub reglazed by us, we can build in a mild texture to the refinished surface for a $45 additional charge. We recommend a mild texture for ease of cleaning. However, we can make it grittier upon request.


Oahu Tub also specializes in an invisible, transparent treatment that microscopically treats the surface of ceramic, porcelain, concrete, and natural stone. This process is the perfect solution for hotel and apartment owners wanting to protect their guests, and themselves from slip and fall accidents in bathtubs, and bathroom floor tile.

Our process increases the wet SCOF (Standard Coefficient of Friction) from a “Slippery Condition” to one that is considered “High Traction” following the standards of the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B101.0

Unlike other products such as unsightly bathmats, traction strips, and textured coatings, our solution is a treatment, which works at the micro-pore level to enhance a material’s surface characteristics yielding improved traction and reducing slippery surface problems. This process will NOT change the look, color or appearance of the original material.

This solution has been tested and shown to demonstrably enhance traction on wet ceramic and similar surfaces reducing slippery conditions and slip & fall risk. It is a professional grade product for use with ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, natural stone and porcelain or fiberglass tubs and shower enclosures to enhance traction and minimize slippery conditions.

In hotels and apartment buildings the #1 areas we recommend treatment is:

  • Bathtubs
  • Bathroom floors
  • Common area flooring that is untextured porcelain or ceramic tile, and any polished marble and granite floor tile


SkidGuard is a high solids water based coating that dries crystal clear and creates an anti-skid and glossy  finished surface. We recommend our SkidGuard process on surfaces not compatible with our microscopic treatment, or in situations where an additional barrier or buffer is desired to protect the original surface. SkidGuard is designed specifically to provide a non-slip surface eliminating the need for unsightly non-skid strips, surface etchings, rubber mats, etc. With practically invisible SkidGuard, non-skid surfaces can be created where ever needed, instantaneously by simply brushing or rolling on SkidGuard. It is composed of a tough and durable clear coating that creates a lasting bond with practically any surface. SkidGuard will not be damaged by most everyday liquids including detergents and mildly corrosive cleaners. It also  provides a protective barrier against stains, spills and wear. The non-skid component in SkidGuard is an inert and rigid industrial resin used in demanding environments such as factories and warehouses. SkidGuard is enhanced with additives that provide ultraviolet protection and prevent growth of mold and mildew.