Safeway Step®


According to the National Council on Aging, there are over 25,000 accidents each year that occur in and around the tub area.

The Safeway Step Honolulu installation offered by Oahu Tub Experts  provides island homeowners a low-cost, faster, and less intrusive alternative to expensive bath accessibility remodeling projects. In only a few hours, Oahu Tub Experts can transform your bathtub into an easy-access shower, helping to prevent injuries and falls.

The Safeway Step® aids seniors, the disabled, and caregivers by removing their biggest barrier in the tub area. With the Safeway Step® installed, the accessible entry is only about four or five inches high, and two feet wide, providing easier and safer access. Water drains properly, and the existing shower curtain can still be used.

The Safeway Step® is a great renovation option that allows senior citizens and individuals with disabilities the ability to stay in their primary homes and residences. Whether the tub is fiberglass, steel or even cast iron, the Safeway Step Honolulu installation by Oahu Tub Experts provides the most functional, economical, and hassle-free way to install a safe shower/bathing fixture.

Oahu Tub Experts is Honolulu’s leader in bathtub accessibility retrofits. We understand the sensitivities of senior citizens and our polite and considerate technicians do their best to minimize the impact of our work during the installation. Many of our Honolulu customers have found the Safeway Step® to be an excellent gift for their loved ones.

Why Oahu Tub?

  • Safest possible solution. The Safeway Step is preferable to the so called “SEAMLESS” conversion due to its molded plastic insert. No hard corners are exposed.
  • Oahu Tub has installed more tub accessibility conversions than any other Honolulu-based company.
  • Oahu Tub has a dedicated technician who only does tub conversions. This individual is a master metal fabricator and welder with over 20 years experience in the civilian and military sectors.
  • Because we do so many conversions, we have streamlined the process to deliver the best possible installation in the shortest amount of time possible. As a result, we can offer a better product at a competitive price.
  • Personalized service – Because the insert comes in 3 sizes, we may need to come to your home for a free consultation. If you have a common tub we might not need to come out and may be able to determine which size you need from pictures. We can also give advise on slip resistant surfaces, and refinishing at this time. We are also here if you need us post installation.
  • Just a quick note: installing these inserts is no joke and it takes a truly skilled craftsman to do a good job. VERY FEW people are actually qualified to install these inserts and are capable of doing a good job. Our process keeps safety and your comfort paramount. We use a fume extractor during the process to extract fumes from the cutting. We protect your entire bathroom down to the caulk joints (silicone attracts metal particulate). If you are interviewing multiple companies, ask a lot of questions and just go with your gut instinct.
  • Lifetime warranty


• Pressed Steel Tub Installation – $1099

• Cast Iron Tub Installation – $1199

• Fiberglass Tub Installation – $999

Features and Benefits:

  • Costs on average about 15% the cost of replacing an existing bathtub with a new fixture
  • Provides easier, safer access into the bath/shower area
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls
  • Typical installation time is 4-8 hours depending on the tub material

Please see process photos below showing a few of the many steps necessary to correctly install the Safeway Step.