Bathtub Restoration



There is a very distinct difference between “refinishing” or “resurfacing” a tub and “restoring” a tub.

With bathtub resurfacing, your tub will look nearly brand new, and with care, will continue to look brand new for a decade or more. With “restoration”, your tub can often be brought back to look “almost” new through the use of a special polymer finish. However, this finish is not a coating. It won’t quite have the gloss of a refinished tub.

To put it another way, with bathtub resurfacing, your tub is thoroughly cleaned. Any chips are repaired, and a new durable coating is applied which is similar to the original factory coating. With bathtub restoration, the tub is also thoroughly cleaned, chips are filled, and a liquid polymer surface sealer is applied which restores the surface to something close to its original look.

Benefits of the no-spray tub restoration method include:

  • No odors
  • No overspray
  • Extremely eco-friendly
  • Ready for use immediately
  • There is no new coating that may chip. Note, that of course the tub’s original surface can still be chipped or scratched.

Cons of the no-spray method:

  • The surface will not be quite as glossy as a refinished tub
  • Any imperfections that can’t be removed will show through
  • You can’t change the color

If you have a dirty tub that is in otherwise good condition with the factory finish still in good shape, we recommend this method. If your tub has multiple chips, a highly worn surface, or is very old, bathtub resurfacing is likely a better option. Oahu Tub Experts is the only refinishing company in Honolulu County that offers both bathtub resurfacing and bathtub restoration so we are in an excellent position to give you an unbiased opinion of which method is best for your particular circumstance. Certain fixtures like Jacuzzi tubs, we insist on only using our restoration process.