Bathtub Repair Honolulu


Our three most common bathtub repairs are:

  1. Fixing previous refinishing jobs that are failing (peeling, cracking, or chipping)
  2. Fixing cracked fiberglass bathtubs
  3. Repairing rust holes in bathtubs
  4. Fixing chips and gouges in porcelain and fiberglass fixtures – This service has its own page. Go to “Chip Repair” under the “Services” menu


If properly applied and subsequently cared for, a bathtub refinish should last between 10-15 years. Among bathtub refinishing jobs that fail within the first 3 years, nearly all can be be attributed to poor preparation or lazy technique. For the new coating to properly adhere, the surface must be perfectly clean, roughed up, and be as dust free as possible. Any soap scum, body oil, dirt, or shiny porcelain that hasn’t first been chemically treated to make it porous can easily cause a failure. Lack of using a good primer can also cause a coating to fail prematurely.

Other reasons that frequently cause problems include improper maintenance, dripping faucets, a low point in the fixture that prevents water from draining, or a drain clog that causes water to sit for extended periods of time. Most of the time coating failure occurs on the heavily used horizontal surface, particularly around the drain.

A lot of times, sellers will go the cheap route when refinishing their bathtubs prior to listing the property. The buyer is unlikely to take a hard look at the quality of the job, and it is difficult for them to even know if it is in fact a good job or not. Sometimes, the seller is well intentioned but the refinisher knows the property is going to be sold, and they skip steps or is lazy. We’ve seen many bathtubs that aren’t deglossed with a chemical called etch. This is absolutely necessary with all porcelain bathtubs. It takes only 25 minutes to do, and is vital to ensuring the integrity of the new coating. What saves the first refinisher 25 minutes, often takes us over 2 hours to fix.

However, no matter what the problem is, Oahu Tub Experts can fix it. We’ve become the company of choice for Realtors, property managers, and home owners who want an improperly executed prior refinishing job fixed to look beautiful. We do the job right and do not skip steps. Call (808) 554-1570 to schedule a free estimate.


Plastic/Fiberglass bathtubs mixed with sloppy installation are a bad mix. Bathtub installers are supposed to inject foam, support using wood or pour concrete under the tub or shower unit that will help support much of the weight, but often skip this crucial the step. The unfortunate result over time is a cracked fixture.

The good news is that bathtub repair by Oahu Tub can economically and quickly provide a guaranteed and permanent fix. Our process involves injecting structural foam under the tub, then repairing separations using fiberglass resin. Finally, we refinish the tub or shower pan to make it look like new. With hundreds of successful repairs over the last 10 years, we’re Hawaii’s leader in fiberglass tub repair.


The above repair shows a crack in the top rail of a tub at Moana Pacific. We bonded the crack with fiberglass and refinished the tub to look like new.


Rust is a common problem with light duty pressed steel tubs. The most common area for rust to occur is around the overflow above the drain. If baths are frequently taken, water rises up to this area and starts rusting the edge of the metal until a hole develops. Rust holes can also occur anywhere a chip in the enamel has exposed the bare metal. Oahu Tub Experts is very experienced treating rust holes as large as softballs. Don’t spends thousands replacing your tub. Call us today for a free quote.