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Sellers’ Case Study

When it comes time to sell your home will show better, and likely sell faster and for more money if major surfaces look clean and new. Sellers don’t need to spend much money on this. Laminate or the new vinyl flooring is cheap, easy to install, and looks great. Repainting of walls is also fairly inexpensive. However, surfaces like counters, wall tile, bathroom floor tile, and bathtubs are difficult and expensive to replace. Refinishing is a great way to make these surfaces look new at a minimal cost. Oahu Tub Experts specializes in this type of work, and offers great package deals to vacant homes that have multiple surfaces to be refinished. Best of all, our quality of work is second to none, and the new owners will enjoy many years of use from these refinished fixtures.

In this case study, we received a request to refinish one heavily damaged fiberglass shower pan, two bathtubs each with chips, and two bathroom vanities, both which were damaged and heavily stained. For a tiny fraction it would have cost to replace these fixtures, we refinished them to perfection, fixing all the damaged areas. It would have cost over $15,000 and two weeks time to replace the five fixtures. Instead we were able to do the work in one day, allowing the realtor to begin showing the house faster than she could have otherwise.

Please note that there was a speck of dust on our camera lens that is picked up the photos below.