Jacuzzi To Soaking Tub Conversions

Jacuzzi tubs are nice. But what do you do when the motor stops working, or the jet plumbing under the tub develops leaks? Sure you could fix it, but that could easily cost thousands. Maybe you rarely use the jacuzzi functionality and find cleaning the jets more trouble than its worth.

We are Hawaii’s leading experts at converting jetted tubs into soaking tubs. The process is straightforward. After you ensure power is cut to the tub, we remove the jets, intake, control surfaces. We fill voids with waterproof 2-part structural foam, install fiberglass patches over these voids and smooth the surfaces out.

There is no way of doing this without ADDING material to the tub, which means the patched areas will be slightly raised beyond the natural surface of the tub. However, after doing hundreds of these, we’ve learned how to make them as invisible as possible.

Reglazing the tub hides the repairs. We’ve converted all sorts of jetted tubs – Fiberglass, Acrylic, and Porcelain. We honed our process by converting every jacuzzi tub in the Aqua Oasis Hotel in Waikiki and have done hundreds since.