Shower Squeegees

The #1 way to keep your newly refinished/restored bathtub in great condition is to not let standing water sit. This is actually the way to keep ANY bathtub or shower fixture in good condition. If everyone did this, there wouldn’t be much need for our services.

It takes about 30 seconds to squeegee a tub dry. It does not have to be perfectly dry! If you miss an area one night, you’ll probably get it the next day. The horizontal parts of the tub, especially close to the caulk line should be as dry as possible though. We recommend getting the majority of the water off the title and tub with the squeegee, then using your bathmat or a drying towel to dry the horizontal surfaces.

We have two excellent squeegees that are perfect for drying tubs:

Budget Squeegee – $15

  • Durable, flexible Squeegee blade is perfect for curved bathtub surfaces
  • Soft, comfortable handle with ergonomic shape
  • Suction cup hanger is included – DO NOT USE SUCTION CUPS ON REFINISHED SURFACES
  • 10 inch blade

Silicone Squeegee – $25

  • 11 inch blade
  • Large, deep full silicone blade makes this the best product for drying bathtubs
  • Plastic handle – may be red or yellow in color