Restoring Commercial Sinks

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Porcelain sinks get dirty, but in a heavy commercial environment, its not always best to refinish. Porcelain has inherent advantages to any sort of coating in durability, stain resistance, and that it is easier to clean. The client with 10 lavatory sinks was a car dealership that was just about to undergo a corporate inspection. The process we used was our porcelain restoration method. The beauty of restoring rather than refinishing was:

– Less inconvenience to dealership customers

– No fumes

– Greater durability with original material since the porcelain wasn’t in terrible shape – mostly just dirty

– Ability to fix all sinks at once. If we has refinished, we would have had to leave some for customer use

– Easier care instructions since original porcelain is the most durable sink material you can have

This is an example of how we tailor our service to a customer’s individual need.



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