High-End Restoration

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We do it all. We’ve worked in celebrity mansions. We’ve worked in the grimiest walkups you can imagine. How a job turns out depends upon its existing condition. A filthy tub that has been refinished before and has rust holes will never turn out as perfect as a tub that is in much better condition.

When selling a property, the same is true. If a tub and tile surround is disgusting and damaged, the realtor might tell us that they just want the tub to look presentable. On the other hand, in a high end property, the tub might not be that bad, but the realtor wants it to look new.

As you can tell in the photo below, the tub isn’t that bad. Its a fiberglass Jacuzzi tub that has gotten use, but is fairly clean and damage free. We removed the old shower door and restored the tub to as-new condition.



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