We get asked a lot about the best way to care for a refinished tub. The care instructions below might seem rather extensive, but the fact of the matter is that these same instructions really apply to all bathtubs, and if people follow these guidelines for their brand new bathtub, they will never need refinishing and our services would never be needed. The basic care instructions are simple:

  1. Do not use acidic or abrasive cleaners
  2. Do not allow standing water after the last person in your household is finished showering
  3. Do not drop anything on the finish

In practice however, it is a good idea to read the detailed care instructions below so your newly refinished tub stays looking that way.

  • Do Clean with Non-abrasive cleaners
  • Don’t use bathmats with suction cups
  • Do Clean with a sponge or cloth
  • Don’t let a leaky faucet go unrepaired
  • Do maintain caulking around the tub
  • Don’t pick at any dust on surface
  • Do rinse shower area after each use and dry with a squeegee or soft cloth
  • Don’t put tape on any refinished surface
  • Do call or email us if you have any questions

Top Ten List of Rules For Your Refinished Bathtub:

  1. DO NOT use the surface for the specified number of days or hours indicated by the refinisher who completed the job.
  2. DO NOT drop anything on the surface (i.e. be very careful using metal bottles, pumice stones, or anything similar in the tub)
  3. DO NOT let a leaky faucet go un-repaired. Constant dripping will cause premature wear and rust around the drain.
  4. DO NOT use loose bath mats with suction cups underneath. If you use a bath mat, pull out after each use. Never leave it in the tub to dry.
  5. DO NOT pick surface dust off with your finger. It is inevitable for some dust to settle on the surface while drying. It will feel a little picky at first, but will dissipate in 3-4 weeks with normal cleaning and usage.
  6. The best way to keep your tub clean is to wipe it down with a squeegee after the last use of the night (or morning). It does not have to be completely dry, but we recommend using a towel to wipe the horizontal ledge and the caulk as dry as possible. If you do this, your caulking won’t get moldy, and won’t have to be replaced for a long time.
  7. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or allow acids to come into contact with the surface. NO SOS Pads. NO Comet. NO Soft Scrub. Bleach, chlorine, or any products containing these compounds should never be used. Be careful with nail polish remover as it will dissolve the surface. Drain cleaner should NEVER come in contact with the surface. If you must use it, carefully use a funnel to pour it down the drain.
  8. Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners on your Oahu Tub Experts refinished surface. Good cleaners we recommend that do not have abrasives, bleach, or chlorine include Lysol Basin and Tile Cleaner, Simple Green, Mr. Clean, & Fantastic. For best results, spray the surface and let it penetrate for 3 – 5 minutes before wiping with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth.
  9. Clean the tub at least once every 10 days to prevent build up. Wax tub once every 4 months with a urethane polish (Such as Nu-Finish or Turtle Wax 2001). You should polish your bathtub five days after it has been refinished. (Polishing will make tub surface very slippery. Caution should taken when stepping into or out of your tub)
  10.  Never let shampoo bottles or soap set in the corners or on the surface of the tub. Also, do not use corner shower shelves that must brace between the tub and the ceiling. Instead use a shower caddy that hangs from the shower rod.