How long will your refinished surfaces last?

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A realistic expectation of any refinished bathtub or ceramice tile job is between 5 and 15 years.  This is dependent upon several factors: The coating you select to be used; The condition of the bathtub or tile before refinishing; How often the refinished bathtub or tile will be used; and the care that is taken of your newly refinished bathtub or ceramic tile.  For example, a bathtub that is badly worn will not have the lifespan of a bathtub that is moderately worn. As for use, a newly refinished bathtub or tiled bathroom that serves as a guest bath will last longer than a refinished bathtub or tiled bathroom that has several uses per day.  Refinished tile that gets no use and isn’t subject to bathing elements will typically have an indefinite lifespan.  As for care, if you use the proper non-abrasive cleaners and supplies, and follow our recommended care guidelines, the finish will last much longer.


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