How durable are your refinished surfaces?

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Oahu Tub Experts uses the best equipment, techniques, and supplies. Your refinished tile and tub will have a deep glossy shine with a durable finish second to none among professional refinishers. OTE does offer different coatings, and the durability will vary depending on the coating selected. Our commercial coating is the hardest and most durable – even surpassing the hardness of some composite surfaces like cultured marble. Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals should not be used on refinished surfaces.


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Oahu Tub Experts aims to provide you with helpful home remodeling tips. We really like to focus on what we call "Value Added Remodeling". In other words, Remodeling -- or as we sometimes refer to as "Rejuvenation" -- that actually increases the value of your home measurably by more than you actually spent.

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